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Oktober 21, 2022
New review

Oktober 21, 2022
Great food!

März 22, 2022
Nice job!

Dezember 17, 2018
Great pizza!
DI Demo store Dezember 17, 2018
Thank you!

Januar 26, 2018
Excellent food. Great delivery service.

Januar 26, 2018
Ordered delivery, food is tasty, but showed up barely warm and they are literally a 5 min drive from my location. They are cooking food way before driver is ready to deliver.

Januar 26, 2018
my party tray B was incomplete.

Januar 26, 2018
Food was very good, fresh, good looking and at the right temperature. Delivery was in the exact time frame that was promised when I made the order.

Januar 26, 2018
Easy and quick take out available. Love the ability to order online. Food is good and my favourite remains the winter California roll

Januar 26, 2018
Great food as always.
Just a little cold.